Name Generator

The Geeky Bit:

Several years ago I heard an author complaining about how hard he found it to come up with good names for his characters. I thought: it can't be too hard to build a name generator, I'll have a go at it!

What I needed was a source of names. After some Googling, I discovered that the UK, USA, and the EU publish census lists of unique male and female, first and last names. I downloaded the name lists, converted the text to a spreadsheet, weeded out the duplicates, and loaded them into a database.

Just click the button, and get two sets of 10 random generated names.

Male Names

young szczepkowski
cary roaoo
dietmar reville
rodney phetphongsy
kirby haerr
fausto roope
harlan aloia
chadwick laprise
sean derrickson
dustin godson

Female Names

bryanna eachus
tenisha lollie
sirena foti
gwendolin atkisson
armandina cariveau
amee want
sherryl cifuentes
karlyn ju
louvenia crance
raye schwery